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Termómetro infrarrojo sin contacto

CARACTERISITCAS: Métodos de medición: sin contacto Distancia de medición: 0-3 cm Rango de medicion: - Temperatura corporal: 32. 0 ~ 43 ºC - Temperatura del objeto: 5. 0 ~ 95 ºC Precisión: - Temperatura corporal: dentro del rango de (35.0 ~ 43. 0) ºC - Tolerancia: +0. 2/0. 4 ºC - Temperatura del objeto: ± 1. 0 ºC - Resolución: 0. 1 ºC Memoria: registro de temperatura anterior Pantalla de visualización: pantalla grande retroiluminada Apagado automá�co: 30s Dimensiones: 149 × 44x82 mm Embalaje: Tamaño del cartón: 47 × 37 × 38 cm PCS/ctn: 60 Peso bruto: 9 kg (no con�ene baterías)

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1) APPLICANT: (who finally puts the product on the market) FUJIAN REIDA PRECISION CO.,LTD NO33, JINZHOU NORTH ROAD, JINSHAN DEVELOPING AREA, CANGSHAN ZONE, FUZHOU, CHINA. 2) CERTIFICATE NO.: ISETC.0020200323 FILE REFERENCE: TCF(20)-038-EMC 3) ISET MARK: 4) CAUTION ABOUT CE MARKING (Instruction for the Applicant who puts the product on the EU market): The label of the CE Marking on the left side should be not less than 5mm height. CE Marking and EC Declaration of Conformity are duties for the manufacturer or its applicant who puts the product on the market. This one is responsible to start the CE marking and certification procedure as required by the legislation in force. Only for the products which are compulsorily included into specific Directives or Regulations will be necessary to appoint a Notified Body. 5) TYPE OF PRODUCT: NON-CONTACT FOREHEAD THERMOMETER MODEL(S): RFT388-2, RFT389 6) LIST OF DIRECTIVES / REGULATIONS /STANDARDS (as declared by the manufacturer itself) Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU EN 61326-1:2013 7) NOTE: The applicant is aware about the contents and information included in the ModCOM04.06 Regulation for this type of Certificate that is considered totally accepted. The latest revision of the Regulation is available and can be downloaded from the website www.iset-italia.eu. This document is not referred to any evaluation that could be considered as included in the scope of the activities covered by the standard BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 or European Regulation 765/2008. 8) REMARK: Certificate is issued on voluntary application from the Client and it gives to the applicant the right to use and affix the ISET Mark (at point 3) on their products, even if it doesn’t imply any assessment on the safety and compliance of the product. ISET declares that the only scope of the assessment is to verify the existence of the declaration issued by the manufacturer or an applicant under its own responsibilities. 9) DATE OF ISSUE: 23/03/2020 EXPIRY DATE: 22/03/20

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